Great Fishing Products and Services from the Sponsors of IGFA Anglers Digest with Bill Boyce

IGFA Angler's Digest with Bill Boyce

Anytime you're fishing in the elements – tropical sun and humid heat – what you wear can make the difference between a great day or a miserable day. It doesn’t matter if the fish are biting or not. If you are sticky, chances are you feel icky. Let me give you a tip – if you have your MOJO on, your attitude has been adjusted.

With a complete line of Camo Flats shirts and UPF 50+ rated Wireman Polys you know you’re protected without lathering up with copious amounts of sunscreen. Want to add a little more MO to your JO..?? Try on the new vented-series. Same UPF 50+ rating but with vented side panels to lets the breeze flow through keeping you cooler. Want style and grace when you wind on a fish? Then turn heads and the handle with the Mr. Big series of short and long sleeve shirts that are breathable and stretchable with UPF 30+ protection.

Back on the dock and needing to relax.? Slip into a 100% cotton polo or the El Capitan Stretch poly and watch sunset in style. Finding yourself chillin’ more than you care to be? MOJO has a full line of fleece long sleeves, hooded sweatshirts, quarter zips and the stylistic Weather Buster soft shell that can keep you warm but still be MOJO cool. And, don't forget the MOJO line of board shorts, visors, hats, face guards, and beanies along with their line-up of new shoes that make a statement while keeping you comfortable.

We LOVE our MOJO sportswear and the fish do too... Just look at the pix...!!!

Sport fishing clothing and footwear from Mojo Sportswear

A standard name in the surf industry for the past 25 years Cobian sandals has been seen on the scene by the world’s top surfers and those who follow them. Known for their comfort, style, and performance, Cobian sandals and footwear feature non-slip, non-marking soles with quality built to last. Exceptional quality at an exceptional price, Cobian makes you feel great with every purchase.

Their mission is simple: provide customers with the highest level of comfort available in the casual footwear market. By incorporating innovative ideas, high quality materials, and strict manufacturing standards, the Cobian brand continues to be set apart. Cobian footwear is durable enough to be worn at the beach yet stylish enough to be worn in the city. While remaining true to their surf roots, Cobian's desire is to branch out into the ever-expanding fashion market, representing surf in the fashion world and fashion in the surf world.

Step into Quality, Step into Performance…Step into Cobian

Performance surfing and fishing footwear from Cobian USA

Let's face it when you think of fishing in Mexico, you think of Los Cabos. The Los Cabos Tourism board is here to make sure that every visit is a memorable one. Vast sandy beaches, remarkable inshore and offshore fishing, top quality scuba diving, world-class golf, fine restaurants, and great nightlife have made Los Cabos the travel Mecca that it is today. It is truly a vacation spot for the whole family. Remember, all your fishing dreams can come true in Cabo. 

Known for its year-round fishing, the Los Cabos region of Baja Sur offers up tuna, blue, black, and striped marlin, dorado, sailfish, wahoo and rooster fish – species that will always get your attention when they're on the end of your line. Easy to get to, the Los Cabos International Airport is now accessible from most major U.S. and Canadian cities with most major airlines serving those hubs.

So if your priority is to feel the warmth of the sun and the cool of the sea while dining in memorable restaurants with exceptional service, then lose the world for a while and come to Los Cabos where the tourism board can assure you’ll have a fantastic vacation experience.

Los Cabos Tourism Board
Wall mounted photo decals Lighted fishing lures from Git Lit Fishing lures from Halco Tackle, Australia Replica fish mounts from King Sailfish Mounts
What to hear about one of the COOLEST products to come along in years..??? As a photographer, I am constantly seeking new opportunities to display my works. When I saw the FINADDIX products at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show, I harassed them in their booth for an hour to find out about this truly innovative process. Now, I want to introduce them to all of you.

FinAddix was created by folks that are totally hooked on fishing. Like you and I, they believe a bad day of fishing is better than a good day doing just about anything else. Telling fish stories in a big, bold way is their specialty. The only difference is that they have the pictures to prove it… big, bold pictures.

FinAddix is dedicated to providing anglers and Captains the opportunity to release their prize catches while immortalizing them in a way that goes way beyond standard photo print formats. Their “From the Water to the Wall” technology captures your trophy catch for all time and is professionally printed on high-quality photo vinyl is designed to be easy to install and completely repositionable.  

Prints can be as small as 8”x10” or as large as life-size. FinAddix prints are the perfect “wall decals” for any “Man Cave”, garage, office, family room, bedroom or any smooth surface desired. It’s the best way to catch-and-release, while still capturing the moment in an unforgettable way.
We've seen the concept in lures for years – put some glow tape on a spoon or spinner blade, or maybe mold a lure out of a glow-in-the-dark plastic component. Do they work??? Of course they work, and work well... Why? For certain it’s a combination of attraction to bio-luminescence for some fish and the increased visibility given to the lure in other cases. Both scenarios create interest – and without interest, no strikes.

Now let's look at the drawbacks of these lures. They both rely on a light source to "charge" them up, be that an artificial one or some period of time in direct sunlight. Then of course there is the short amount of time they remain "glowing". The idea is popular, but the inherent hassle of extra effort and short term results makes these lures underutilized. That is UNTIL NOW...!!!

Want to know the new series of lures that have the industry in turmoil???  That would be the "super fishy" Stemson GIT LIT plastic baits. These aren’t just new names slapped on old ideas. No sir. Stemson GIT LIT baits mimic nature like nothing else on the market. As a degreed fisheries biologist spending endless hours underwater filming pelagic fish and the predator / prey relationship, I'm proud to have designed these new lures along with the input and ingenuity of renowned Captain, Chris Thompson, who added the option of long lasting Stemson Glo-Stixs. These baits have become the go to weapon of too many anglers to count. Tired of not getting bit?Fish a GIT LIT!
Tired of fishing bait? Want to throw a lure, jig some chrome, troll some divers but just don’t know what to fish with? Let me give you a no-brainer answer. Fish Halco. These lures have been the staple of Australian inshore and offshore fisheries since 1950. Want to know something else? Aussies are CRAZY GOOD ANGLERS. They take their sport very seriously and the designs of every HALCO lure will make that point quickly apparent.

What sets Halco apart from the competition is a wealth of fishing experience, particularly lure fishing. This deep understanding of what it’s takes to be a dedicated angler makes all the difference in the design, testing and manufacturing of Halco lures.

Ben, Neil and the rest of the development team at Halco's Freemantle, Australia home have spent countless hours in Western Australian, the Northern Territory as well as Queensland waters putting the lure range through a program of development and refinement. They even submit their lures to testing regimes overseas – field tests have been carried out in Malaysia, Egypt, the Canary Islands, the Czech Republic and Russia, just to name a few.

Scan the IGFA record files and you will suddenly see how many fish have been fooled by these hard baits. They look right, they swim right – all with outstanding quality in their hook and hardware selection. Fish with confidence… Fish with Halco!
There are dozens of talented fish mounting facilities, but none compare to the quality and service of King Sailfish mounts. They offer an amazing array of mounted fish producing both freshwater and saltwater fish mounts and replicas.  Also called Release Mounts, KSM fiberglass fish repros provide sportsmen with the absolute highest level of quality and value. They symbolize an age of environmental awareness by allowing an angler's catch to be released alive after simple measurements has been taken. Skilled artists then capture the rich beauty and realism of nature – and, under the direction of marine artist Raymond Douglas – they transform raw materials into the ultimate representation of an angler's most notable achievements.

Inspired by accomplished artists, King Sailfish Mounts of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida was started in 1991. Striving to start a new concept in trophy fishing awareness, Raymond Douglas introduced a new method for the mounting of gamefish spawned by the growing demand within the catch and release sportfishing community.  A former accountant, Douglas began his new career at home in his garage where he began to experiment and refine his own skills for specimen gathering, molding, casting and airbrushing various species of local gamefish. The rest is sportfishing history as you can now find King Sailfish Mounts in around the world adorning homes, offices, restaurants, museums and hotels. Isn't time you immortalized your greatest catch and release?
Marine and fisheries conservation with Wild Oceans Performance braided fishing lines from Tuf Line Multi-piece travel fishing rods from Fox International  
So much of what we love about the sea, about fish, and about fishing, is in wildness. But that wild world, and the future of fishing, now hangs in the balance. Everything we do, every decision we make, must be guided by a clear vision of the future we want for our oceans and how the fishing public and responsible consumers will fit into that future.

NCMC’s Wild Oceans mission is to keep the oceans wild to preserve fishing opportunities for the future. To do this, they bring conservation-minded fishermen and pro-fishing environmentalists together in order to promote a broad, ecosystemic approach to fisheries management – one that reflects the ever expanding circle of concern for all marine life and the future of fishing.

Their programs emphasize conserving the ocean’s top predators – the big billfish, swordfish, tunas and sharks that are the lions, tigers and wolves of the sea – while preserving healthy ocean food webs and critical habitats essential to the survival of all fish, marine mammals and seabirds.

And believe me; NCMC Wild Oceans gets it done with the hard work and dedication of a laser-focused staff on the outskirts of Washington, D.C. – right where you have to be to get heard and make a difference.
There are many choices to consider when choosing a braided fishing line. The fact is the competition in the market is fierce. That’s why Tuf-Line has taken their line to the next level creating a durable line that has all the sought after properties of a braid, but with the round feel of a mono. Crafted for superior strength using high tech weave construction, Western Filament is the worldwide leader in high-performance braided fishing lines.

The leadership at Tuf-Line pioneered the use of braided Spectra® fibers in fishing lines. All of their braided fishing lines and sport fishing accessories are manufactured within their U.S. facility – and they meet the highest industry standards for quality and durability. Whether you use braided Superline, Dacron® fishing line, Dacron fly line backing or vinyl coated ice fishing lines, choose Tuf-Line and the Western Filament name for superior performance.

One of the greatest properties of Tuf-Line braid is its low stretch coefficient. Whenever you're trolling, casting or jigging deep, when a fish eats your lure, you can bet the hook is coming home quick with potent hook setting capability never equaled in a monofilament line.

Try it once and I bet you’ll fish it twice!
No other manufacturer in the world produces travel rods that compare to the FOX Rods line-up. From light tackle world record rods to tournament angler specials… light spinning rods to heavy popper models… light duty trollers to heavy duty all roller guide rods… the FOX brand has become synonymous with quality, durability and most of all – ease of travel.

You want to save hundreds of dollars a year on your tackle ensemble? Well, think of all those extra baggage fees charged just to bring your rods along on vacation. Now think of putting 3 or 4 in a carry-on bag stowing them in the overhead compartment along with your shirts, shorts, hats, and toiletries. Yeah, that got your attention didn’t it…!!! Whenever I travel, I pack 7 or 8 FOX rods in one rollable scuba bag, I put in my reels, PLANO cases with lures, some dive fins, mask, and snorkel and I check one bag with my entire tackle arsenal ready to target anything that swims.

FOX also sports a revolutionary new line of Kayak rods that gives Kayak anglers a safe, effective way to store their rods freeing them up to concentrate on things more pressing than the fish. FOX rods are competitively priced and provide unmatched quality and performance. FOX rods will last a lifetime and are guaranteed to do so.